Have physical phenomena happened? Your entrastes contact Dr. Hamilton?

In your meetings with your friends medium in Winnipeg. Have physical phenomena happened? Your contacts with Dr hamilton? With more people? Are you gonna write a book or an article of those sessions? It would be very interesting. (30-10-2012)

 - Walter D. Falk -

Thank you for your note. I shall try to give a short answer to your question about physical phenomenon that occurred while I was working with the medium, Hannah. She did not like to be called Hannah, so we called her Ann.

Later on, in the years between 2000 and 2005, we sat about 35 times a year, and the table moved many times. It was again that same kitchen table. Sometimes it bucked about 8 inches off the floor at one end and then immediately 8 inches off the floor at the other end. The spirit guide, identified as a Native American, by the name of Red Eagle, claimed to be moving the table. The table also moved sideways many times.

Since we were all people who knew each other pretty well, and there was no one there who would knowingly or fraudulently move the table, I'm convinced that the physical phenomena where genuine.

I was very skeptical the first 10 years that I worked with Ann. I was always looking to see whether someone was somehow being fooled or trying to fool others. I never found any fraud.

The mediums were all genuine people, with the usual human failings, but often as mystified as I was with what was going on. Most of the phenomena where mental phenomena. And some of them were quite startling.

I was asked at the very beginning to make notes of my experiences, and this request came from purported discarnate personalities. I have found no reason to doubt their veracity. So I have kept the notes as requested, and I have more than 2000 pages of messages and information, including numerous past lives that I am supposed to have lived. I cannot remember anything from these purported past lives. For the longest time I did not believe. Even today I often wonder whether any of that material about my past lives is true.

I am also a hypnotist, and have done about 200 past life regressions with close to that many people. Most people only come for one regression. I would say that most of those people are somewhat puzzled by what they have experienced, and many of them are inclined to believe that they really did live those past lives.

From the years 1999 to 2007 I ran a circle in Winnipeg. Most of the time there were about six or seven people present. Sometimes the group got as large as 16. I found that the larger groups were less productive than the ones with about seven people. A number of people discovered, during those sittings, that they were mediums. They started out simply curious as sitters and then became intuitive beyond anything they had experienced before, eventually becoming developed mediums. This was fun to watch, and instructive.

I learned a great deal during those years about mediumship, and I'm still puzzled about some aspects. But I am certain that the phenomenon is genuine, and that we are in contact and able to communicate with consciousnesses that have no physical bodies at this time.

Because Ann was a channeling medium, as well as clairvoyant and clairaudient, and during the latter years I spent time with her in her apartment, I often had the opportunity to speak with discarnates, sometimes for a few hours at a time, I got to know quite a few individuals. There was Ann's joy child,Little Princess and there was Penny, and Felicity, who died about 400 years ago, and who had  been part of the family of King Henry VIII of Britain.  Altogether there were hundreds of individuals that I got to know, most of them only for one short session.

There was also Charlie, who was hoping to come back in another body, but who was not being encouraged to return until he had changed his ways. He had been an itinerant farmworker in the province of Saskatchewan, and he had a great love for the ladies and whiskey, and was hoping to spend another lifetime as a bit of a rake. He told me that he used to carry a Bible under his arm and he had little steel rimmed glasses which he did not need, but which were great at impressing the somewhat gullible ladies of Saskatchewan. He could be extremely funny when recounting his adventures, which sometimes were even a little bit dangerous when the husbands would discover his dalliances with their wives.

Now whether Charlie was real, I do not know. But he gave every impression of having been a real person, and one day when I told him that I would've liked to meet him in life, he told me in no uncertain terms that I would have given him a wide berth. He said he knew that there was no way I would've had anything to do with him. He was not what he called "a good guy."

These are a few minute glimpses of the fun and adventures I had.

On another note, sometimes things were startlingly accurate. My brother-in-law was dying of liver cancer. His name was Henry. Ann has never met any of my wife's family, since my wife died three years before I got to know Ann.

Henry died on a Friday and I received a phone call informing me of his death. Since Henry was a very dedicated churchgoer, and a born again Mennonite, I was surprised when Ann went into a trance the next day, complaining of pain on her right side. Ann was a hypochondriac, and when someone would come through with memories of the pain they had suffered before death, she did not know whether it was her own pain or someone else's remembered pain. I was working at my computer (this was in 1992) and paid very little attention at first. But when I became aware that Ann was deep in trance I invited whoever was trying to come through her to make himself known. And he said his name was "Henry".

I never dreamed that a born again Christian would come through a medium. I still had a lot to learn. So I asked "Henry who?"

He said "Well, your brother-in-law."  By this time I was sitting up very straight with full attention. I said "Henry, have you seen Jesus?"

He indicated that he was very confused. He said "Mixed up."

So I asked "Henry, would you like to go to the light?"

He indicated that this was agreeable, and I did the usual thing that I do during rescue work. And when he was inside the light I asked him to describe his surroundings. He said "Well, there are lots of shiny individuals here. And there is the lady."

I had no idea who the lady might be. So I asked about this. And he said "Well, you know, Mary, your wife. But that is impossible, she's dead."

I said "Henry, I have a little bit of news for you. So are you."

He spent a few moments apparently communicating with Mary telepathically, and then he came back, and pointing to me with his index finger (actually Ann's), which was very characteristic of Henry during life, and said "Walter, I know what you're doing. Keep it up."

Then he left. Felicity came through right afterwards and said "Henry shouldn't have died yet. It was not his time. They made a mistake."

I forgot about this until the day of the funeral. We met as a family fora  noon meal before the funeral, and Evie, Henry's wife, leaned across the table to me and said "Henry shouldn't have died yet. They made a mistake. They didn't check his potassium levels, and at the end they were giving him potassium tablets but it was too late."

I think that was about the time when I just had to admit there was something real going on. It was at the beginning of my work with Ann. I started in 1991 and this was 1992.

And you asked about whether Dr. Hamilton has made himself known lately. Last week we were in a sitting, the rest of the group was in Winnipeg, and I was in Victoria, and we connected via Skype. Dr. Howard Reed who sat with us for about five years between 2000 and 2007, and who died a little over two years ago, came through one of the mediums who developed in the circle that I was running during those same years, and he brought with him Dr. Hamilton, and Walter, and they all were very congratulatory on the work that we've done with the Hamilton notes, including the Flammarion exhibition. I was very happy to hear from them.

You also asked whether I intend to write about this. Various people have commented to me that they would like me to write up my time with Ann, because I have told them something about the work and they find it interesting. I am wondering whether I should write up the whole story. I do have good notes so I can pinpoint times and places. But writing a book is a big project. As you know I have written some manuals for the hypnosis and the past life regression, and it took quite a bit of effort. I have to admit I'm getting a little bit tired. Somehow when you reach 80 the energy just isn't the same as it was at 40.