Extra documents

Extra documents:

Walter D. Falk

- Meeting Dr. Hamilton: Carrying on the work of a psychical researcher (PDF)

- Raymond Communicates  (PDF)

- ¿Dr. Hamilton started his researches because his young son had just died of the flu?  (PDF)

- Dr. T. G. Hamilton`s psychic Researches - Youtube (Video YouTube)

- Dr. T. G. Hamilton`s psychic Researches - Youtube (PDF)

- Have physical phenomena happened? Your contacts with Dr hamilton? ... (Web)

- A Little Autobiography (Text + Video Vimeo)

Hamilton Hamily

- T. Glen Hamilton: Intention and survival (Book PDF)

- Margaret Lillian Hamilton: Is survival a fact? (Book PDF)

- Psychic News, May 14, 1977: Materialisation obtained under test conditions (JPEG)

- UNESCO: Memory of the world register (PDF)

- Other home circles: Dr. Glen Hamilton  (PDF)

- The "spirit photography" of Dr. T. Glen Hamilton  (PDF)

- Photo compilation 1(Video YouTube)

- Photo compilation 2(Video YouTube)

- Photo compilation 3(Video YouTube)

Journey to the Cemetery of Dr. Hamilton (Video YouTube)

Journey to the House of Dr. Hamilton  (Video YouTube)

- Conference poster 2012 F-L-A-M-M-A-R-I-O-N (JPG)

Robert Louis Stevenson

-  A child's garden of verses  (Book PDF)

- Robert Louis Stevenson's tomb in Vailima, Samoa. (Video YouTube)

David Livingstone

 Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa (Book PDF)

 David Livingstone's Death  (Video YouTube)

Arthur Conan Doyle

- A. Conan Doyle and family (Video YouTube)


Camille Flammarion (JPG)

David Livingstone (JPG)

- Robert Louis Stevenson (JPG)

William Ewart Gladstone (JPG)

Katie King (PDF)

- Arthur Conan Doyle (JPG)

Arthur Conan Doyle 2 (Web)

- Hamilton House 2009 (JPG)

Hamilton Cemetery 2009 (JPG)

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